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:star: My Cosplay list:star:
Number of cosplay until now : 68

:star: 2010 and earlier (13 cosplay)
Monica Kruszewski – Code Geass
Meylene - Kuroshitsuji
Tamaki Suoh – Ouran High School
Hikaru Hiitachin – Ouran High School
Amulet Clover – Shugo Chara!
Raine Sage – Tales of Symphonia
Marluxia – Kingdom Hearts
Hirakoba Rin – Prince of Tennis
Marui Bunta – Prince of Tennis (No picture)
Atobe Keigo – Prince of Tennis
Joker – Kuroshitsuji
Lulu – Final Fantasy X
Gino Weinberg – Code Geass (Not enough picture)

:star: 2011 (13 cosplay)
Vincent Nightray – Pandora Hearts
Rin Kagamine Vocaloid Anti The Holic
Rufus Barma – Pandora Hearts
Lu Bu – Dynasty Warrior
Elliot March – Heart no Kuni no Alice (Not enough picture)
Bellial – Angel Sanctuary
Lockon Stratos – Gundam 00
Hajime Saito – Hakuoki
Hajime Saito – Hekketsuroku
Julius (winter) – Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Alan Humphries – Kuroshitsuji
Jun Tao – Shaman King
Tetsu – Pet Shop of Horror

:star: 2012 (17 cosplay)
Ringo Tsukimiya (5 outfits) – Uta no Prince Sama
Thor Genderswap – Avengers
Inga – Un-Go
Kurusu Syo (civil) – uta no Prince Sama
Keiji Maeda – Sengoku Basara
Olivier Mira Armstrong – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Jubia Lockser (phantom) – Fairy Tail
Jubia Lockser (swimsuit) – Fairy Tail
Yumi Komagata – Kenshin
Jubilee – X-Men
Perona – One Piece
Yuri Kamanosuke – Brave10
Blue Rose – Tiger and Bunny

:star: 2013 (17 cosplay)
Natsume – Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun (need picture with group)
Kuranosuke Koibuchi (3 outfit) – Kuragehime (Not enough picture)
Lag Seeing – Letter Bee
Frankenstein – Noblesse
March Hare – Sakizou’s Illustration
Anastasia – Brave10
Mélusine – Mélusine
Victorique – Gosick
Codex – The Guild
Aegis – Persona 3
Kiwi (timeskip) – One Piece
John Smith – Pocahontas
Alexander The Great – Eiyuu*Senki
Astarte – Angel Sanctuary
Shion – Psycho Pass

:star: 2014 (8 cosplay)
Elsa - Frozen
Yvain - Eiyuu*Senki
Akari - Genei wo Kakeru
Mélusine - Sakizou
Marie-Antoinette - Eiyuu*Senki
Lyn Concept Art - Blade and Soul
Nonon Jakuzure - Kill la Kill

Random Questions

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 10:06 PM
:iconshmuberry: tagged me , so I shall answer those questions (Even if I would be better off working on my costumes right now) XD

  1. If you only had to use one social media forever, which one would it be and why?

I think it would be deviantart.... Because I don't use many of those and I don't really like facebook. Plus, da keep sending me beautiful arts from my friends :3

2.  Slytherin or Gryffindor? Elaborate.

Usually I would have answered Hufflepuff ^^' but between those two, definitely Slytherin. I think having ambition is much more important in life. And it is a proof of intellect.

3.   If you could go back in the past and change something about your life, would you do it?

I would go back to when I was a child and start taking hundred of different kind of classes. Especially about music and languages.

4.   What is your current obsession?

Hedgehog probably. A little bit mmorpg (And I am craving korean bbq right now :P)

5.   Do you have any scars? What's the story behind it?

yop, tiny ones on my jaw from when it was broken. My right thumb when it was burned. And lately I burned myself on my arm with an iron  (It was not pretty to see XD)

6.   You're thrown on stage and you must sing to impress (you know, like in TV shows!) what song do you burst into? 

Probably ''you raise me up''. If not, something from Les misérables.

7.   What is a quote you like/live by?

^very hard question. The one quote that will always stay in my mind is that every girl is a princess from ''The Little Princess'' :

I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us. Didn't your father ever tell you that? Didn't he?…

8.   Any book you have read recently and loved?

Anything from Terry Pratchett is heaven

9.   Tell us something about yourself we might not know :) (Smile)

I don't really feel pain and I often realize I was hurt a few days later....

10.   What is your favourite type of clothing?

Interesting thights with mini shorts. (and I love leather and fur)

I'm not gonna tag anyone, because you will all be probably tagged at some point :P


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ACLcomic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Your an amazing cosplayer! Don't ever stop, ya give inspiration for others to cosplay.Frog Emoji-58 (Yay) [V3]  
LadySqualala Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks a lot for all the comments, it mean a lot :D
soliciana Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the watch! watching back ;)
LadySqualala Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
yay merci ! Mon amie cherche un photographe pour notre duo d'angel sanctuary, tu serait interessée? Ce serais probablement vers la seconde semaine de juillet
soliciana Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
salut! Je pourrais oui, par contre je charge pour les shoots privés hors convention. Tu peux me contacter en PV par ma page FB si tu veux en parler un peu plus ;)
LadySqualala Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Une autre fois alors, mon amie et moi on est trop pauvre pour ça ;)
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zion-hakubi Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for faving my photo!
Nier omoshiroi yone ^^
LadySqualala Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
It's a pleasure ^^
DROOphotographer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Please keep being so awesome!!! I appreciate you.
LadySqualala Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
I will try :3
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